Liffey Falls, Tasmania

The tasmanian wilderness is always worth a walk in the winter. Take a 40 minute walk down around the back forests of Deloraine and you may find Liffey Falls, a gorgeous little heaven of water and greens. 


Whitsundays 2015: New Horizon

The Whitsunday islands…picture perfect heaven of sand, sea and colour. It literally doesn’t get any better than this.

I chose my tour with New Horizon, booked through PeterPans backpacker travel agency. Altogether I think it cost me $440, and went so smoothly it was only the kick in the guts of my bank statement that reminded me I had done it!

Day 1:
Meet at the marina around 2pm, meet our group and board the New Horizon. We meet our crew and sail out to the open sea, reaching an Inlet on Hook island to swim, paddle board and jump around like idiots before dinner and drinks. Fish and mashed potatoes -  they really couldn’t feed us enough on that boat!

Day 2:
Early rise at 6.15 before breakfast and out to sail to Whitehaven Beach. Once we arrive we climb the track to the lookout point before playing in the sand for a few hours, chasing stingrays and looking out for baby bullsharks. Back on the boat we ate lunch (wraps with a little bit of everything) while watching sea turtles swim in the bay. We sail around to out next point, sunbathing and singing before we snorkel with Nemo and jump down a giant inflatable slide for a few hours. Around we go to Hayman island before settling down with spaghetti Bolognese and a goon sack.

Day 3:
Another early rise before snorkelling again with even more brightly coloured hungry fish. Our crew came out in Dinghy’s and fed them while we watched nemo’s in their thousands. The reef truly is stunning – I can’t wait to get further out and dive Cairns later this year! Hot Dogs at 9am (YES IT WAS AMAZING) before sailing around and back to airlie

The crew were awesome and for what you pay, you truly are getting a fantastic value trip. For an extra $60 you can scuba dive (even beginners) and they literally feed you to bursting.


Blue Mountains, Sydney

Another one checked off the Bucket list - the Blue Mountains.

Rather than doing a standard tour for around $100, we chose to venture out to Katoomba ourselves and walk wherever the day took us.

The train left around 8.15am and cost us a whopping $17.90 return! (Thank god, I'd already bought far too much crap!)

Now doing this, we did realise we missed out on a lot. There are caves and waterfalls that are far more easily reached with a lift! But there is also the option of the Hop On Hop Off Blue Mountains Explorer bus - a whole day pass costs $40 and you can get to almost any location you would want on a day tour.

Still the Three Sisters and this wondrously stunning view though!