Over the years I have been in multiple relationships with various internships. Oh yes, there have been a few. Check this page out for the latest work-dates and to see where my whirlwind romances are taking me next.
January 2013…Jobseekers. And travelling. And my fair blogging. Anyone have a job for me? I’ll do anything!
January 2013-February 2013: Exposure PR Internship
July 2012-January 2013: NET-A-PORTER Editorial Internship (6 months PAID(!!)) – Helping out the team with research, occasional writing, admin, marketing emails and social media. Worked on the beauty team for 5 months calling in all products and researching for feature ideas. So sad to be leaving, but on I must go…
(The Big Graduation ceremony)
June 2012: Marie Claire Features Internship
May 2012: GQ Magazine Editorial Internship
March-April 2012: Red Online Editorial internship
October 2011: NME Magazine Work Experience (I went back for more)
August 2011: The Alderney Press Editorial Internship
July 2011: NME Magazine Work Experience
April 2011: The Guernsey Press News Journalism Internship

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Bucket List #3: Michael Kors

3. Michael Kors Gold Chronograph Watch – I think this may be my first designer purchase when I actually have a proper job. I’ve wanted a chunky watch for years now and I don’t think you can beat the Michael Kors Chronographs for the style, size and choice. It’s a fine balance with watches – some are too fine and others overwhelming. I see so many bloggers with an array of watches – i want that. But for now I want this baby. So I can layer it up with bracelets and cuffs.

Bucket List #2: Burberry

2. Again, typical, but a Burberry Trench is another timeless classic. It’s funny, I remember Burberry being known as this really ‘chavvy’ brand as my dear mum used to say, but now (Thanks C. Bailey) its gone right up the stylish ranks.

The Big Adventure

Welcome to the diary of the most exciting journey of my life. From February to April 2013 I will be travelling the world while avoiding becoming a grown up and getting a proper job. I plan to recline on a sun bed, sip on a cocktail, climb up a volcano and play with orang-utans. All this, while trying not look like a sweaty tramp (despite obvious sweat-tashidge). Wish me luck!

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The Bucket List #1

I have a bucket list.
But not your usual bucket list. It is in fact, my WARDROBE bucket list.
Over time I shall add and detract from the list, and inform you all of those momentous purchases that help me closer to ‘The Ultimate Wardrobe.’

1. What I have always dreamed of owning, but most likely will never make it: A Chanel handbag. Coming somewhere in the range of a whopping £3000 this bag is the perfect accessory. Unfussy, timeless, forever. It will only grow in value over time. It will be cherished even 100 years from now. I think I would carry it to my grave. (Probably an early grave due to a heart attack induced by handing over my credit card to pay for the bloody thing.)