Uptown Downtown - Clash of the Titans

Back in November Balenciaga announced that Downtown New York Style designer Alexander Wang would be taking over the reigns at the Parisian couture house. Fashionistas across the globe took in a sharp breath and have held it ever since - until yesterday. How would grunge translate into the beaded architecture that Nicholas Gesquiere has so finely perfected over the years?

We have a few weeks left to see what the final result is, but after months of sifting through the Balenciaga Archives it is clear that the couturier has impacted on Wang's latest collection. Think oversized cocoon shapes, leather, draping, shoulder length gloves and fur fur fur. Fittingly, the first model stomped out to Rocky's 'Eye Of The Tiger' - Bring it on Fashion people, Wang is saying, I'll show you what I've got. And he did.

A step away from the sleek cut outs and sheer panels of spring, the coats looked cosy with drop waists and mild grey tones. Onto the masculine tailoring he went, all keeping in with his theme - boxing. Are those boxing gloves I see? The slicked back hair and pony hair detailing all went into the tough-girl attitude of A/W13 for Wang.

Now it's just a waiting game till Paris...Good Luck Wang - we are watching you.

Images from Style.com

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