Blog Block.

Knowing what to write is the next obstacle i have to face. As I currently have no camera-man around (the bf went skiing, the friends live miles away, the full length mirror does not exist), I can’t start on the terrifying ‘outfit posts’ that I promised. Instead, I have sat on my bed, wrapped up in blankets watching ER for the past 48 hours. NO JOKE. I really wanted to go play in the snow but alas, I have no buddys. Billy-no-mates this week people, and its quite depressing. Not to mention Mark Greene died in ER yesterday and anyone who has watched it knows how devastating it can be.
So here I am, wallowing in the death of ER Doc Mark Green, on my own with some strawberry laces. And rambling on my blog. I really am sorry, tempted as I am to delete this entire post, I feel like I have to do Something productive today. But I do think that there is an argument to be made for the pathetic-ness of this post.
Its hard actually, I want this blog to showcase my inspirations, style and writing so that I can start to make a name for myself, a creative identity (if that isn’t too cliche), but instead I am swamped by half formed ideas that really have no destination.

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