First Day Dilemma

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Its one of those feelings that, when you get it, it takes you back to those hideous teenage years. As a pre-teen,  it was planning your back-to-school wardrobe. At University, it was finding the best way to balance lecture-clubbing attire, making an impression on your newfound housemates, and somewhat finding yourself. Then there are the first interviews - what to wear? Am I too boring? Will they remember me?  And if you are lucky to get through the interview, what the hell do you wear for the first day at work?! 

I say this on behalf of an industry where personal style is essential. Primarily, I am here to talk about fashion internships. Stylish, smart, yet also fun and quirky. Not too much, but always impressive. In reality, you are probably a nervous wreck. On my first day at NAP I had to get a train from Milton Keynes to Shepherds Bush with a suitcase that didn’t wheel along or let me put the handle down. I looked like a tool. After lugging it around the office (MASSIVE may I add), I was sweaty, gross, and hideously out of place. I rambled nervously to my colleagues and basically looked like the 21 year old novice that I was. Am. (May I add that I regret with venom my outfit - too nervous was I to actually look in the mirror. I hope to do better next time.)
This week I started at Exposure PR. I have never done a PR internship before, so was pretty much terrified. Would I be working in a smart office environment where anything above the knee is considered whoreish? It turned out to be the other end of the spectrum. As someone who is used to 4-inch heels, faux fur and leather minis this was overwhelmingly confusing. I can wear my denim and my leather leggings, but if I wear my boots (may i point out that I notoriously don’t own sensible footwear), I will likely fall flat on my face.
I have been there 4 days, and as my weekend comes to a close, I am faced with a whole new week of attempts at ‘casual’. Perhaps this will be good for me. After all, I won’t be wearing stilettos in Thailand while trekking up a mountain. But it’s damn terrifying, especially with my little legs.
God help me.

Zara Sandals
J Brand Skinny leather leggings 

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