The Blog (Part 3)

My New Years resolution was to give up chocolate, and all other relative junk food until I leave for my travels on February 17th. By 5pm on the 2nd of January, I had failed. (Leaving party for a co-worker involved fudge cake and sour cream crisps  – who could resist?)
The next step was to forbid myself from buying said treats – if someone else gave it to me, then I would graciously accept for it would be rude not to (surely?!). This I have somewhat kept up, but so many people have brought around Kit-Kats, Twixes and Percy Pigs that I don’t feel like I have done myself any favours.
So instead I have decided to set up my third, and FINAL, blog. My first, Street Stalker, was an attempt at figuring out whether writing about fashion, lifestyle and general fun stuff was for me. It was ok, generated a lot of views etc, but it didn’t really feel like I was achieving anything. My second, A few beautiful ramblings, could have been great, but I had dissertations and a new job to distract myself, as well as a fabulous summer with some wonderful friends. So this too fell by the wayside.
Here I am in my third attempt to share a little of my thoughts. A friend once told me that blogging was irrelevant unless you had something interesting to say. 2013 is going to be a good year I have decided. I am starting the Big Adventure on February 17th for 9 weeks, backpacking around Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Obviously I wont be able to blog so much while I am away, but I will be writing and documenting with my pretty camera as I go. When I come back I will be starting the epic challenge called: ‘Finding a graduate job.’ Not only that, but I am looking to work in magazines (there are only so many and even fewer jobs – great career choice there right?). I will need to find a house, a housemate (The boy is spending all of his money on our trip so will be leaving me to fend for myself for the first time in almost 2 years), and the perfect wardrobe.
I shall soon be publishing my very own: ‘Wardrobe Bucket List’, from which I will slowly try to create my ultimate wardrobe. I will also be creating a ‘Travels’ tab, on which you can see all of my worldly adventures and how I styled myself for the journey. That is one thing I have struggled to find information on: How to be the stylish backpacker.
Personal style bloggers have always amazed me – the balls it must take to get up and take photographs of yourself on almost a daily basis, and upload them to the internet for the world to judge…those balls are well beyond my grasp. (That’s what she said.) I am going to take the plunge this year, and in an attempt to find my own style comfort zone – and then to subsequently break out of that – I will be uploading personal style images to this page. Be kind, I beg. I am only 5ft 2.5 and I have abnormally little limbs (Jeans are a bitch to find). My nickname has been ‘Stumpy-Rowe’ for as long as I can remember, and though affectionate, it has pointed out my physical challenges.
Here I am in all my glory – wish my luck on the third, and final instalment of ‘The Blog.’

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