Here it is ladies. What I have promised for the past month: My first ever personal style post. I chose this mainly because it was easy, comfortable, and I was mildly hungover (A friend's 22nd nonetheless). 
I love a leather skirt. In fact, I love leather full stop. Somehow, no matter how dull you feel, a leather skirt appears daring and funky. This tan beauty has been a staple since Autumn 2011. Slightly worn out and losing its shape, I paired it with an oversize argan Knit from Zara - very winter chic.

And as for the hat? A hat makes everything look cooler. A trick I will be using regularly on my Big Adventure!

Hat (Topshop), Jumper (Zara), Skirt (H&M), Boots (Office), Bag (Vintage), Coat (Next)

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