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I’m going to embrace the cliché of the moment and talk about the upcoming film of the year: The Great Gatsby.
This afternoon I lay back and read Bazaar’s article on cover girl Carey Mulligan ahead of the Cannes Film Festival opening this afternoon. Now this film was hyped up almost a year ago now – so what did I do? I read the book. Now I’m quite proud of myself for this, usually I say I’ll rad something, forget, and then watch the film and my imagination will be forever tainted. There’s nothing like creating a visual and comparing it to an actual film – if it’s been done well, then you forget your own vision. The world created by the director takes over – it becomes real.
The Great Gatsby is a tale of lavish hedonism, a tragic love story. The Jazz-age is associated with embracing life, sex and fun. Perhaps it is because of our own climate, our own desperation for release, that it was begging to be re-made into a film. And by Baz Luhrmann? Well, Baz is awesome. Look at Romeo and Juliet, or Moulin Rouge. Epics. 2013 was just waiting for another.

2013 film
1974 film

One of the things that draws me to is the beauty: Miuccia Prada created many of the costumes while Tiffany’s layered the bedazzling jewels onto Mulligan’s neck.  This season is seeing a flurry of flapper fashion revival – headbands, mid-length skirts, sequins, drop waists, understated elegance. In fact it’s been around for a good few years. Look at Gucci SS13 – the gold, black and silver, long flowing tassels and glamorously coiffed hair. The party dress is having a comeback – classic but with modern quirks such as a flash of the naval, or some seductive sheer panelling.

PRADA's Great Gatsby exhibition, New York (WWD)

PRADA's Great Gatsby exhibition, New York (WWD)

Gucci SS12

This isn’t a review of the film – just a summary of why I (and so many others) are dying to watch it. The anticipation is building – can it live up to expectations? I won’t know for a good 3 months (the 50-seat, damp, uncomfortable island cinema plays films the week they come out on DVD – devastating, I know). But I wanted to explore how this film has influenced our culture so vividly before even its release.  It is time for old school glamour to return, for us to play with our femininity and have fun with our style. And that promo with the booming soundtrack...it just keeps building...

Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan, a quietly seductive socialite of the Roaring 20's - Luhrmann in fact created the character out of inspiration of two lovers

Mulligan styled by Grace Coddington for Vogue USA June 2013

It is also a fabulous excuse to wear a headband again. 


ASOS £15

ASOS £12

Tiffany's Jazz age collection

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