The Big Adventure: Trip of a lifetime

Travelling: It's supposedly going to change your life. I left with a hundered expectations and before I knew it I was back home, with the same bad habits and anxieties as I had two months earlier, albeit I was a lot more tanned.

But in many ways it does change you - now I know that there is far more out there than I could ever have imagined. I literally stood where the photographs that breed dreams were taken; I now eat very spicy chillies; I no longer harbour intense irrational fears of natural disasters such as volcano eruptions and tsunamis (now they are only mildy irrational). I tried - and failed at - surfing; I faced my fears of animals with more than four legs (Its the way they move...all quick and creepy). I came back with far mroe self confidence and a readiness to start my life.

Unfortunately, I am poor and unemployed. So this start remains in the future dreams. Instead, I am reliving the trip of a lifetime in these posts I will be sharing over the next few weeks. in many ways they are like a diary - personal and irrelevant to anyone that doesnt know me. But in others they shall hopefully provide tips and advice for the trip that thousands will take. If anything, it's a nice reminder of the start of this year.

I hope you enjoy xx

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