The No-dairy, No-Gluten, No-Sugar, No-Guilt Ice Cream

This is quite possibly the most addictive, tasty and healthy ice cream recipe ever. And its easy. Easy as Pie. It takes only 3 simple ingredients: Bananas, Honey and Coconut milk.

Chop around 5 bananas up into a blender and add the creamy goodness of the coconut milk, leaving the majority of the watery stuff in the can. Then add 1-2 tbsp of honey, depending on how sweet you like it! (remember you can always drizzle some ontop when you eat it!).


Once all blended, sample to taste and add more honey should you need it. Then simply put into your ice cream machine, ice-creamify, and freeze! Or eat - it is best when straight out of the machine - it has the same texture as ice cream with the lightness of a Mr Whippy, but with a whole load more flavour!

Takes me back to the childhood days...bliss!


Fedora Playtimes

I woke up this morning and it looked like it would be a sunny day. Then it turned grey. Alas, I had already paired my BRAND NEW Zara Mini with a denim shirt and a slick fedora, therefore I will continue my weather-inappropriate wear till tomorrow. 


Thai Green Curry


150g Brown Rice
1 Tin of Coconut Milk
2 Chicken Fillets
2 Sticks of Lemongrass
1 Lime
Handful of Basil leaves
Olive Oil
Teaspoon of Coriander powder
2 Green Chillies
1 Clove of Garlic

1) Chop up all the lemongrass, basil, chillies and garlic into small pieces, then blend together into a choppy paste. 
2) Add the rind and zest of the lime, with a drizzle of olive oil and the coriander. Continue to blend until reasonably smooth.
3) Boil water and start to boil the rice up - add some of the liquid consistency of the coconut milk to the boiling water to give the rice a boost in flavour. 
4) Fry up the paste for a couple of minutes before adding the diced chicken fillets. 
5) Coconut milk in tins usually separates into a gooey and harder mixture as well as a watery liquid. The Liquid (minus the portion that is boiled with the rice) will give the curry the runny texture whereas the goo will make it thicker and more substantial. When the chicken is nicely cooking along, add the rest of the coconut milk, thick and watery, and stir together for a few more minutes.
6) Leave to simmer until the rice is complete.
7) When the rice is coming to its end, take off the hob and drain into a pan. Place the colander with the boiled rice on top of the pan with the boiling remanants (ensuring it isn't suspended into the liquid itself) and cover with a lid to steam and fluff it up. 
8) When the rice is ready/you cant be bothered to wait any longer, divide up the rice and pour on the curry! Hey Presto, a gluten free/sugar free/dairy free dinner that will also leave you hunger free! Winning. 


Honey-Cinnamon-Apple Bake

In a quest to find a suitable food to demolish in a bout of self-pitying hunger-comfort eating, I threw together this concoction that has become somewhat a staple in my fridge this past week. My father had left a few juicy cooking apples on the sideboard, and with a tempting jar of (natural) honey and a little sprinkle of cinnamon, my hunger was sated.

Depending on the size of the tin you should need only 2-3 apples, but more if you aim to bake a cake size meal.

1) Core and slice the apples into thin strips.
2) Layer onto the bottom of a lined baking tray.
3) When one layer is finished, drizzle a teaspoon of honey over the apples, followed by a nice dusting of cinnamon.
4) Layer more slices on top of the honey and cinnamon, followed again my further honey and cinnamon. 
5) Keep going! When you have either reached the tin-limits or run out of apples, pour more honey on top and even more cinnamon - bake in the oven at around gas mark 4-5 for approximately 20 mins, or until the apples turn golden brown and crispy. When they are crispy on top, they should be mush and saucy on bottom....perfection!
6) EAT. 


The Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free Diet

Oh what a pain in the ass. I am intolerant to something, therefore I must give up everything. No chocolate. No cake. Not even a glass of squash. Miserable. 8 Weeks of detoxing and slowly reintroducing foods to identify my sad and painful weakness. 

Fun for me!


In doing this I have searched high and low for inspiring healthy recipes. From cinnamon honey apples to banana ice-cream, to mince stuffed peppers to thai green curry. I have lived and eaten like a queen this week, without a morsel of dairy, gluten or dairy passing my lips. 

Interested? I shall be updating my recipes page with some of the wondrous creations I have found for the next 2 months, and from then on learning how to work around an intolerance. 


Exposure PR: A Placement

A long time coming, I know, but arn't The Big Adventure posts so much more fun?!

Last January I took up residence in the Exposure PR placement showroom to play public relations and diversify my CV. Typically I have stuck to Magazines, but I wanted to try something new and see whether I should perhaps pursue it in the future. 
I found out about the work experience through a former colleague of mine at NAP. Luckily, she put me in contact with the Showroom Manager and I was whisked under their wings to learn the ropes. 
I steamed dresses, I polished poles, I visually merchandised and I ran up and down Oxford Street for Candles and Ipad Minis. 
Exposure looks after some giant brands, from Nike to Esprit to Levis to Doc Martens to Hunters. Thats just on the showroom side. The 'Edit' Showroom has Holly Fulton, Palmer Harding and Christopher Raeburn to name a few, and the whole other creative departments look after Coca Cola and others. So you see - this is pretty massive. 
One thing in PR - you run like mad. It's manic. Every single day there is something to be cleaning chasing copying and prettifying. Knackering. 
I loved it. I've always worked best under pressure and being a madwoman suits me. 

Who knows where I'll end up, for now I'll stay home. But soon I will return to the big city and start the life I want, whatever that may be. 

The 5ft pile of returns - ouch. 

Baby Dc Martens! 
LONG day ahead!


A tale of the Fish

Fishtail plaits: DIY
1. Divide your hair into two sections straight down the middle - it doesnt have to be perfect, just even.
2. Pull a thin strand from the outside of the left section; pull it over the top of the left section and grasp it on the bottom of the right section. So the strand has gone from the outside, over the left and ends up under the right. Go tightly - you can scruff it up and pull it out at the end!
3. Repeat on the right. So outside right, over right, under left. Keep on going with this the whole way through.
4. Alternate sides over/under/over/under till you reach the very end of your hair.
5. Tie off the plait. To scruff it up ruffle the strands and pull at larger pieces to perfect your own desired look.

This is a very basic description - youtube it to see an example of how it should be done. But this will always bring in a few compliments simply because it looks far more complicated than it actually is!



Jersey: A Picture Diary

A girl goes to Jersey for a mid-week-long-weekend of shopping, exploring and food. 

Who Can Resist?

Jersey Flower Market

Fountain Florals

I sat on a cow. I did choose the lowest one. I needed a leg-up. 

Sleepy upside-down hamster - I wanted to take him home. Dad wouldn't let me. 

Parisian talking Mccaw: 'Bonjour Monsoir' said he

Cow stole my bowler

Private plane: why not?

Hometime sunset 

Bit of Breton


The Big Adventure: Khao Sok National Park

Stop three was Southern Thailand’s largest and most spectacular national park: Khao Sok. Being our first real hike and having a mere 2 nights we were pathetically unadventurous, following the typical tourist trail and probably missing most of the wildlife that scurried around us. When one pair we saw said they had spotted over 50 monkeys to our one measly izard we felt sheepishly like blind backpacker failures and nodded as if we knew what they were talking about. We learnt though, oh we learnt.

Travelling Tip: don’t take the package journey from Phangan to Khao Sok – you can save around 1000 baht if you get off your ass and look for the buses yourself. We were ambushed at the ferry point at 6am and were taken in by this – the little woman seemed so genuine. But 2000 baht later we – again – felt foolish. Obviously tourists it appeared.

This was our very first introduction to what I call the Thai Minibus spectacle. To be more exact – Thai drivers are maniacs. Your life means nothing to them. Neither does their own. The only thing that matters to them is their car horns – beeeeep they go, gathering passengers, be they human or of the caged chicken variety, to get an extra few hundred baht. Tip: close your eyes and pray. Or take travel tablets to pass out and sleep it out. Either way – good luck.

Accommodation: we like a cheap deal. Agoda – the website of cheap hotel wonders – found us the cheapest of cheap deals in the form of cute stilt hut hostel, Nung House. The owner, a man with the longest healthiest and shiniest hair I have ever come across and an adorable 6 week old baby kitten, was so unbelievably welcoming we immediately wanted to stay longer. The hut was a shack in the air – you could see through the gaps to the floor, all that existed was a double bed covered by a Disney themed mosquito net, and a bathroom with a barely-there ceiling of twigs. It was perfect.

Photo @ nunghouse.com


Creamy Swiss Roll

40g Cocoa Powder
60g Plain Flour
4 eggs
100g Caster Sugar
Double Cream
½ Teaspoon Baking Powder

Gas Mark 5 for 15-20 Minutes (Light and bouncy cake-style)

Please note: The Flour and Cocoa can be added up to your own preference on how chocolaty you want the roll to be! Just ensure it adds to 100g, or whichever equivalent you choose to do!

1.     Whisk Eggs and Sugar together to get a thick pale mixture
2.     Sift cocoa, flour and baking powder together into the eggy-sugar mixture and fold carefully
3.     Pour into a lined tin and cook for approximately 20 minutes
4.     When soft and bouncy to touch remove from the oven and immediately turn upside down onto a new sheet of baking powder
5.     Score very lightly with a knife along one end of the roll about an inch in and tightly curl up with the baking liner – don’t worry about any cracks etc – the ones you can see will be on the inside of the roll! This method ensures the outside is perfectly smooth and professional-looking!

6.     When curled tightly wrap in a cold damp clean tea towel and leave to cool completely.
7.     When cooled, carefully unwrap.
8.     Whisk the cream into a light whip and spoon into the centre of the roll – spread across like jam on toast, right to the edges.
9.     Using the score from before,  curl up the roll with the cream inside – obviously not quite as tightly.
10. Where the ends meet should be on the bottom of the roll against the plate. Cut off both ends to make sure the cake is slick and smooth
11. Sprinkle with icing sugar for that Christmassy-log roll finishing touch!