A tale of the Fish

Fishtail plaits: DIY
1. Divide your hair into two sections straight down the middle - it doesnt have to be perfect, just even.
2. Pull a thin strand from the outside of the left section; pull it over the top of the left section and grasp it on the bottom of the right section. So the strand has gone from the outside, over the left and ends up under the right. Go tightly - you can scruff it up and pull it out at the end!
3. Repeat on the right. So outside right, over right, under left. Keep on going with this the whole way through.
4. Alternate sides over/under/over/under till you reach the very end of your hair.
5. Tie off the plait. To scruff it up ruffle the strands and pull at larger pieces to perfect your own desired look.

This is a very basic description - youtube it to see an example of how it should be done. But this will always bring in a few compliments simply because it looks far more complicated than it actually is!


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