Exposure PR: A Placement

A long time coming, I know, but arn't The Big Adventure posts so much more fun?!

Last January I took up residence in the Exposure PR placement showroom to play public relations and diversify my CV. Typically I have stuck to Magazines, but I wanted to try something new and see whether I should perhaps pursue it in the future. 
I found out about the work experience through a former colleague of mine at NAP. Luckily, she put me in contact with the Showroom Manager and I was whisked under their wings to learn the ropes. 
I steamed dresses, I polished poles, I visually merchandised and I ran up and down Oxford Street for Candles and Ipad Minis. 
Exposure looks after some giant brands, from Nike to Esprit to Levis to Doc Martens to Hunters. Thats just on the showroom side. The 'Edit' Showroom has Holly Fulton, Palmer Harding and Christopher Raeburn to name a few, and the whole other creative departments look after Coca Cola and others. So you see - this is pretty massive. 
One thing in PR - you run like mad. It's manic. Every single day there is something to be cleaning chasing copying and prettifying. Knackering. 
I loved it. I've always worked best under pressure and being a madwoman suits me. 

Who knows where I'll end up, for now I'll stay home. But soon I will return to the big city and start the life I want, whatever that may be. 

The 5ft pile of returns - ouch. 

Baby Dc Martens! 
LONG day ahead!

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