The Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Dairy Free Diet

Oh what a pain in the ass. I am intolerant to something, therefore I must give up everything. No chocolate. No cake. Not even a glass of squash. Miserable. 8 Weeks of detoxing and slowly reintroducing foods to identify my sad and painful weakness. 

Fun for me!


In doing this I have searched high and low for inspiring healthy recipes. From cinnamon honey apples to banana ice-cream, to mince stuffed peppers to thai green curry. I have lived and eaten like a queen this week, without a morsel of dairy, gluten or dairy passing my lips. 

Interested? I shall be updating my recipes page with some of the wondrous creations I have found for the next 2 months, and from then on learning how to work around an intolerance. 

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