In The Bag: L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Primer

Now I’ve been wanting to review this product for a long while, but haven’t actually got around to it.

It was one of those moments: Airport Duty Free. Nothing specific in mind. An accident you could call it. Foreign money to burn. Searching within a budget. What is this? It looks interesting. It sounds interesting. It was.

If you are like me with uneven, clogged up and bumpy skin this is quite literally a summer miracle. It’s almost like a moisturiser, except not. All I do is rub a bit onto my skin and voilà! Radiant, dewy glow. It rubs on incredibly well – note that I say rubs on rather than in. It isn’t actually a moisturiser, but smoothes over all of those nasties and leaves you looking rather fresh.

Since that fateful day of wandering around Bangkok airport our relationship has steadily evolved into a lifelong commitment.

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