Lime-onade Freshness

Since embarking on this restrictive, demotivating elimination diet I found myself stuck with only one possible drink: Water. 8 weeks of water. 
The other option was to make my own fruit juices - how much more fun was that!

Since the sun has got his hat on this week and I found myself desperately craving some sweetness I decided to make a citrusy blend with water and honey to satisfy my needs .

To make around 1 litre of tasty goodness you need 2 lemons and 2 limes. 

Zest the limes with a zester - only the rind not the white bits. These taste kind of funky and wont go down well. When the fruits have been zested, take the curly stuff and put it in a mug with around 100ml of boiling water.
Add a tablespoon of honey (you can add more to taste later if you wish!)
Leave to soak in together for 10 minutes before draining the juices away from the fruit. 
Fizz up just under a litre of water - you can do this either with a sodastream or shop bought fizzy water depending on what you have at your fingertips! Once all fizzed together add the honey/lemon/lime blend to the water and shake together (gently!!!)! This will fizz it up but you need to ensure it is integrated or it simply doesn't work!

Cool in the fridge and add a sprig of mint (or a shot of Vodka) to create the perfect summer cocktail sans-sugar sans-junk!

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  1. This looks really refreshing and tasty! now following on blogloving from the bloggers bunch blog hop!