Heirloom Jewels #1

I am a woman. Therefore I like Jewelery. A lot. It carries stories. Diamonds are a girls best friend. As much for sentiment as for beauty. I'm not that fussy though, diamonds or not, accessories pull it all together - if it holds class, brings something bold but retains long-time elegance - it's a winner. 

An age old tradition revolves around jewellery, and it involves giving it as a gift to mark an occasion. It could be an engagement: a symbol of promise and excitement for the future. Perhaps an 18th Birthday - congratulations, you made it. Or a Graduation, to say, well done for your hard work. The jewels are beautiful, they are expensive. But it is they memories, the thought that makes them everlasting. The feeling that rings as you slide it around your finger, or clasp around your neck. 

I'm an accessories girl through and through. Jewellery, shoes, bags - bring it on. I thought I would share a few stories about my favourite pieces, and what they mean to me, if not just to give you a bit of my world, but also for me to remember the meaning behind each and every piece. 

This gold ring with a dark sapphire gem first caught my eye a couple of years before in our local jewlers. It sat amongst the engagement rings, its diginity and charm understated by an incredible price. But I walked away, I kept my card in my purse, so that when I glanced back a year later I was shocked to see it was still there. 
I walked away, thought nothing of it. Until I lost my other jewellery (only to be found in a cardigan in the washing machine - no fear no fear) one day. Now I always wear rings - I have a staple few that never come off, bar washing up or the occasional restless sleep. 
And then my family turned up with this - an early graduation present, a comfort and congratulations in one. It took me a few months to learn to wear it without fear of loss or breakage, but it sits on my right middle finger as I type. 

These are charms, without the charm bracelet. Small little pendants that hold a special group of friends in my heart. 
Of course - I mean my Alderney Girls. Each birthday over the years they have bought me a pendant to add to my collection - I have a locket from my parents years ago, and a crucifix that was sadly lost to the streets of NYC in 2006. I swap and match as and when I feel like it. 
The heart was a gift for my 19th Birthday - I had seen in it our local jewellers weeks before (the very same of the ring above) and was handed it in a box on that very special day. A special day made less so special by a cruel bout of swine flu. Hallucinations and fever be dammed. 
The other symbolises the home in which I grew up and met these wonderful people, where my summers flew by in a haze of beaches, beer tents and bunker raving. The shape of my beloved island, Alderney, with the coordinates of it's place in the world engraved. I wear this whenever I feel homesick or apart from my girls. 

A 21st gift from Tor-Bear, this Kate Spade ring is engraved with a message that was chosen with me in mind. At the time I didn't feel all that colourful, but I now live by that idea - life should be as colourful as possible. You should feel everything. See everything. Live everything. So that is what I set out to do now, every day. Live Colourfully, with a smile throughout. 

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