Its a Jumbalaya kinda time

Quite easily my favourite meal at the moment, Jumbalaya satisfies my carb, veg and spice cravings in each and every bite, as well as being immensely fun to say. 

Not as complicated as you may think, this dish reminds me of a bolognese: throw in what you have because as long as the core ingredients are there, it will be fantastic. 

Also - one of those great dishes where you can cook up a giant bowl and heat up/eat cold whenever fancy takes you. 

Essential ingredients: 

Chicken breast, diced (400g or whatever the packet says)
Spanish Chorizo (100g)
Chillies (3-4)
Garlic (4-6 cloves)
Tomato Passante (750ml for 3-4 people)
Brown/White/Wild Rice (around 150g for 3-4 people)

blah blah blah - you get the idea. 

For funs sake, I'm going to throw it all in. I'm hungry, of course. 

Chop up the veg whichever way you like. Personally I like my Garlic crushed, my peppers chunky, my onions diced and everything else sliced. 

Throw your diced chicken into the pan with olive oil and chorizo, adding the chillies, garlic and onions as and when you like until browned and healthily cooked. By cooking together the chicken seems to absorb the flavours, almost like a fake marinade. 

I like spicy so I throw 3-4 chillies in for a non-mindblowing-but-still-has-a-kick flavour. 

Add your fancier veg or whatever you are putting in. season with your Chilli Powder, Oregano and paprika to taste. 

Once all is cooked together pour in the tomato passante and bring it to a boil.

Next throw in the uncooked rice, put a lid over the pan and leave for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent any burning. The rice will cook in the passante and all of the flavours will explode in the grains - tasty. 

This is not an exact recipe - as often I do, the amounts depend on your own preference and tastes. Play around with it - this is really an ultimate meal.

We were hungry so I forgot to take actual meal photos - here are the leftovers! 


If you go down to the woods today...

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The Best Kind of Sadness

So as many of you will already know, I have left my fair rainy England for more exciting and sunnier pastures Down Under. Last night I set out on my own, from the busiest Heathrow terminal I have ever seen towards, Singapore Airlines bound for Melbourne. All I have is my 20kg bag, a guidebook and a hostel for the first few days (and my iphone, of course). No friends, no job. It is petrifying, yet also overwhelmingly exciting.

As I write I am sitting in Singapore Changi Airport after a 12hr 50 minute flight (oddly went very quickly, despite the snoring woman next to me and the old mans ass that kept popping up in my face every 20 minutes. ) Free Wi-Fi and boredom encouraged me to finally put together an au-revior post for the friends and family that have made this past three weeks incredible, and last nights flight very, very, emotional.

For my final three weeks I made it my mission to catch up with the oldest and best of friends. I traveled the country, from London to Cardiff to Lincoln to Leicester. I spent more money, ate more food, drank and cried far too much. I will not do individual goodbyes but I will say this: to all of you who made the effort, or wanted to but couldn't - thank you. I will miss every single one of you more than you can know. You are the best people I know, that is why I keep you around. There will always be a holiday welcoming you, wherever I end up this year.

Tomorrow morning I will walk out into Melbourne and try to find my way. It will be hard and exciting and life changing, I do not doubt. Through the blog I shall keep a record of my travels and adventures. For now, I will continue to pester the staff here about why I cant access facebook on this wifi. Its irritating me. I will also buy some crisps for the flight because, lo and behold, food allergies make eating while travelling far more complicated than it needs to be.

Farewell. Keep in touch.
Goodbyes - the best kind of sadness.


Just hangin' by the thames, as you do. 

Im gonna miss my besties!

Lot of love for my #surreylads 
That Girl - right there, in the middle: She's amazing. There should be more photos of her but unfortunately they were all really bad. Shes a beauty, so I thought id do her justice. I only met the others in the photo that weekend though! But Pri? What a babe. 

Oh Hello. 

I adore meerkats! @Woburn Safari Park

A Wonderful Man


Glorious Healthy Brownies

Since being forced by my body to quit all dairy and gluten I have realised one essential part of my being, one that cannot be forgotten, suffocated, or ignored. 

I love cake. 

Brownies, cupcakes, muffins, biscuits, ice cream, chocolate, cake, cake cake. Anything cake. I love it. I need it. It is the key to my happiness. And this fact? It cannot be overlooked. 

Well, I go creating. 

So many people are gluten or dairy free these days that supermarkets are overflowing with so-called healthy alternatives, promised to taste and react the same in every situation. This isn't true. Flour is temperamental, butter melts bizarrely. But the end product? With a little tweaking - it can be just as juicy. 


300g 85% Dark Chocolate (the darker the better)
450g Granulated Sugar
300g Lacto-Free Butter
5 Eggs
200g Gluten Free Flour

Gas Mark 5/200 C

1) Smash up the chocolate and weigh out the butter, throw in a bowl over simmering water until silkily melted and luscious. Be careful though - chocolate is notoriously easy to burn - you really don't want that - it ruins the goodness!
2) Whisk up the sugar and the eggs until they thicken up to a light fluffy mixture which leaves a line behind it you run a spoon through. 

3) When the chocolate is melted to perfection, pour it all in and whisk it up into the perfect brownie mixture. Add the flour, whisk again. Once it is all perfectly blended pour into baking parchment and put into your preheated oven for about 25 minutes

When fully cooked take out of the oven and remove the parchment from the tin as soon as you can - you dont want it to crisp up and burn, taking away all of the gooey brownie as it cooks. Slice into your ideal brownie shapes and eat while hot - ideally with a dollop of ice cream and a side of berries. 


Beginnings and Goodbyes

As you may of may not know October marks a massive change in my life. A step out of my comfort zone (make that a marathon) away from my family, friends and home. I decided to push my boundaries and try and do it all on my own for many reasons I wont go into depth on here. The main reason? So I know that I can.
I am moving to Australia for the year on a working visa - for work, travel, extended family, whatever you may call it. It's an adventure. And it's bloody terrifying.

I cant have a send off without my besties - first up: Camden town with the English Girls from Uni - I love these little ladies and having not seen them since before my first big adventure in January - we had a lot to catch up on!

As with all good days out, lunch was first on our list. We chose a simple chain called The Real Greek, known for it's meze style dishes and superb service. We ordered the Anatolian Meal Deal and a couple of extra sides between the four of us - more than enough may I add, despite supposedly meant to feed only two!