Its a Jumbalaya kinda time

Quite easily my favourite meal at the moment, Jumbalaya satisfies my carb, veg and spice cravings in each and every bite, as well as being immensely fun to say. 

Not as complicated as you may think, this dish reminds me of a bolognese: throw in what you have because as long as the core ingredients are there, it will be fantastic. 

Also - one of those great dishes where you can cook up a giant bowl and heat up/eat cold whenever fancy takes you. 

Essential ingredients: 

Chicken breast, diced (400g or whatever the packet says)
Spanish Chorizo (100g)
Chillies (3-4)
Garlic (4-6 cloves)
Tomato Passante (750ml for 3-4 people)
Brown/White/Wild Rice (around 150g for 3-4 people)

blah blah blah - you get the idea. 

For funs sake, I'm going to throw it all in. I'm hungry, of course. 

Chop up the veg whichever way you like. Personally I like my Garlic crushed, my peppers chunky, my onions diced and everything else sliced. 

Throw your diced chicken into the pan with olive oil and chorizo, adding the chillies, garlic and onions as and when you like until browned and healthily cooked. By cooking together the chicken seems to absorb the flavours, almost like a fake marinade. 

I like spicy so I throw 3-4 chillies in for a non-mindblowing-but-still-has-a-kick flavour. 

Add your fancier veg or whatever you are putting in. season with your Chilli Powder, Oregano and paprika to taste. 

Once all is cooked together pour in the tomato passante and bring it to a boil.

Next throw in the uncooked rice, put a lid over the pan and leave for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent any burning. The rice will cook in the passante and all of the flavours will explode in the grains - tasty. 

This is not an exact recipe - as often I do, the amounts depend on your own preference and tastes. Play around with it - this is really an ultimate meal.

We were hungry so I forgot to take actual meal photos - here are the leftovers! 

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