Love the Life you Live: DO

Do: Because you can’t not want to ‘do’ things.
  1. Visit Every Continent (Asia , North America , South America, Europe , Australia , Africa, Antarctica)
  2. Climb a live Volcano
  3. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  4. Explore Ankor Wat, Cambodia  
  5. Sunrise at Borobudur, Java
  6. Jet Ski
  7. See Halong Bay, Vietnam  
  8. Full Moon Party – Koh Phangan/Magnetic Island
  9. Sail through Whitsunday Islands  
  10. Drive 4WD across Fraser Island
  11. Walk along the Great Wall of China
  12. Run a Marathon
  13. Complete an Intensive Fitness Boot camp
  14. Live and learn in a Yoga Ashram
  15. Travel (parts of) Vietnam by Motorbike  
  16. Road trip from East to West coast USA
  17. Festivals: Falls , Isle of Wight, Futuremusic, Stereosonic, Glastonbury, Bestival
  18. Swim with Dolphins
  19. White Water Rafting  
  20. River Tubing
  21. Skydive  
  22. Get a nose piercing
  23. Get a tattoo
  24. Dive the Great Barrier Reef  
  25. Ride an Elephant  
  26. Swim with sharks 
  27. See Crocodiles, Darwin  
  28. Sail the Milford Sound, NZ
  29. Inca Trail to Maccu Piccu
  30. Walk across the Salt Flats, Bolivia
  31. Take a boat trip through the Amazon rainforest
  32. See Komodo Dragons, Indonesia
  33. Rio Carnival, Brazil
  34. Notting Hill Carnival, London
  35. Eiffel Tower, Paris
  36. Climb Empire State Building, NY
  37. See the Northern Lights
  38. Hike the Blue Mountains, NSW  
  39. Visit Ground Zero
  40. Go to the Guggenheim, NY
  41. Ice Skate through Central Park
  42. Touristy London: Zoo , Aquarium , Buckingham Palace & London Eye
  43. Cuddle a Koala at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
  44. Feed a Kangaroo
  45. Songkran Water Fight/Thai New Year, Bangkok
  46. Tigers in Kanchanaburi Tiger Temple, Thailand  
  47. Sunrise at Uluru & complete Base Walk, Ayers Rock
  48. Holi Festival of Colour
  49. Fly a plane
  50. Visit the Sistine Chapel

I have found only one problem with having a bucket list so far: it keeps on bloody growing.

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