HOSTEL: Angkor Wonder, Siem Reap

A quick review about a cute little hostel in Siem Reap that has stuck in my memory: Angkor Wonder.

A family run hostel, the owner is a happy smiling man who goes by the name, Mr Why Not. His email address starts ‘whynotbeyourfriend’. Before I’d even arrived I was in love.

Accommodating, welcoming and kind, Mr Why Not picked me up at 6am from the bus station on the back of his motorbike and drove me around Siem Reap, pointing out the main areas as we made our way into the city. He spent an entire hour the day before I left trying to book a bus for me, in-between telling me stories about his life as a moto-driver and how he learnt English from speaking to backpackers like myself, riding around the city on the back of his bike.

The hostel itself is basic, but so charming. The dorm rooms consist of 5 double beds and a bathroom. Comfortable, easy and clean.

Food is available downstairs, but I never actually tried any as I was still recovering from my week-long Bali-belly.

It isn’t the most high-end of hostels, but at $3 a night for a dorm room no one has any right to complain. And this review isn’t about the state of the hostel or the number of beds to a dorm.

When I find a cute, family run hostel in which the owners truly do everything they can to make you feel welcome, I want to do my part and try and help them get customers. If even a single person reads this post and chooses to have a look, then I will know I’ve done something right. Travelling isn’t about the plush places and the comfortable beds – it’s about the people you meet and the stories they tell. It’s about the people and places that stick in your memory, that help you see life in a slightly different light.

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