Arcadia [ahr-key-dee-uh] noun; any real or imaginary place offering peace and simplicity.

‘A barefoot backpackers riverside beach resort’. Arcadia, nestled amongst the trees along the river about 8km from the town of Kampot, is one of those hostels that you arrive at and never leave.

It’s true. My cousin went there for a couple of days…she left four months later.

Bamboo huts built by hand; walls painted by staff (and drunk customers); a rope swing; a swinging (dangerous for the drunk face-planter *me*) boat; a floating pontoon and a bell. DON’T RING THE BELL. Or you shall have to buy everyone in the bar a tequila shot. And that ends badly for you, and everyone around you. (Although that is in essence, Arcadia. It is wild, fun and devastating to the budget/liver).

Three Australian guys own the place – travellers themselves, and it is run mainly by backpackers and locals who just want to live the laidback paradise lifestyle they have created along the river.

At the end of the road is a small family run shop offering cheap local meals, laundry, motos and a chat. They seem to be almost an extension of Arcadia, knowing all the guests and staff alike.

The rooms range from $5 dorms to $25 riverside utopia. Although you’ve missed out if you haven’t passed out in a hammock at least once during your stay.

Rating: 10/10

Even if you aren’t a massive drinker or wild-at-heart traveller, it’s worth a visit purely for the memories and friends you will make even in a short 4 days. 

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