Vietnam Diaries: Hoi An

Hoi An

Yellow brick walls. Thin rusty bicycles. Fragile, crumbling gates. Fine curling alleyways. Luxurious food. Fairy lights and lanterns.

Hoi An is the gem of Vietnam, understated and authentic. Classic detailing and beauty. The town is a intricate replica of the perfectly tailored clothing it is notorious for. Nothing seems out of place in a very shabby-chic, underdone precision.

To do:
Shop. Eat. Play beer pong at the bars across the river and squeeze two people in a rickshaw made for one in the rain.

To Buy:
Everything you’ve ever wanted. Google your most prized designer pieces online, take images, measurements. Pick a store. Pick a fabric. Quote a price and buy an extra suitcase to fit it all into.

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